Stacking your jewellery, like many things is a fine art that deserves that little extra care & attention to really get the most from your pieces! Jewellery has the ability to level-up any ordinary outfit & with this simple guide you’ll be on your way to pro status in no time!

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Big stones scream confidence & they should always be the centerpiece when stacked with other rings. Larger stone rings allow you to see the deeper details of the cuts & depending which cut you opt for, each style offers a completely different effect in terms of sparkles & flashes. See our stone cut guide for more information!

Pairing your big stone ring with a minimal sterling silver band will really enhance the stone cut whilst keeping it simple, or why not opt for an eternity band for an extra dash of sparkle.

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Eternity bands are the ultimate weapon in your stacking kit. With the incredible range of stone cuts, sizes and colours available, they make the perfect tool to create stunning stacks and with little to no effort!

Remember when stacking, there’s no real right or wrong - just have fun with it! Stacking bands of the same stone cut allows for seamless interlocking & is a perfect opportunity to add some colour to your outfit, equally you could opt for different band thickness for more variety on your fingers!

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Solid bands are timeless & possibly the most versatile option out there. Minimal bands like our Exilis set can be thrown on at a minutes notice and add a simplistic touch to your daily wear. Always make sure to opt for 925 Sterling Silver bands to reduce the chance of discolouration and allow for extended use.

Wear them all together for an edgy, but casual look, or pair with a thin CZ paved bracelet or ring for some added luxe.

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Make an entrance and keep them captivated with bold and interesting statement rings, an easy way to freshen up a simple stack and take it to a whole new level. Available in many styles and shapes, statement rings are unique by nature and are sure to draw the eye, which is why we suggest to pair them with simple & more minimal pieces to really allow them to stand out.

A fan favourite is the Signum Cross ring, which pairs beautifully with minimal stackers like an Ignis ring (or any eternity band for that matter) for classy, everyday style.

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