Here at OBJEKTS, we aim to help you in both spheres: we’ll break down the properties of different shapes of synthetic diamonds, and why some shine more than others. We’re also offering an array of these styles in our Bundles page! So you can have your cake and eat it too.


What makes a diamond sparkle? ✨


The sparkly nature of a synthetic diamond depends completely on its cut, and consequently the way it reflects light. The angles and planes that compose the facets of the stone will therefore result in varying degrees of luminescence: whether the gem glitters, flashes, or sparkles even in low light.

There are therefore a few factors to consider when purchasing jewellery with synthetic diamonds: which shape you prefer, how much sparkle or flashes you want, and how you want to style them.

Our Sparkle-o-meter will help you with just that! We've given a sparkle rating and a flash rating for each stone cut. Each stone has its unique properties, and it’s up to you to decide which reflects your own personal style and personality the best. 

Round the Bend 💎

You don’t have to be wacky to know that the Brilliant Round is one of the most classic, popular shapes of all time. It is the sparkliest of all the cuts, due to its fifty-seven immaculate facets. The Brilliant Round glitters even in low light environments, and it requires only minimum movement to peep a cheeky glint of this timeless cut.

Emerald City 

The slender Emerald Cut gem is one that is classic and elegant, and yet, with its bold, geometric edges, it does not shy from a crowd. The Emerald Cut is square-shaped with stepped facets, this elegant cut is more subtle than our other cuts in that it doesnt sparkle and glisten all the time like the brilliant round, however the flashes of lights are much stronger and beautiful.

For this cut, you can’t go wrong with our best-selling Aria ring, made with a stone-encrusted band, and topped with a brilliant, large Emerald Cut cubic zirconia stone. The Aria Ring is the perfect single-statement piece, or we have also designed the band so it can be stacked perfectly with our Teres Eternity Band, because you can never have enough Emerald-cut stones.


The Perfect Pear 🍐

For an old-world, feminine look, pear-cut studs really are the perfect pair. The pear-cut has a similar radiance to the Brilliant Round, due to its rounded base, however its pointed end gives it a unique shape that exudes a bold and rare personal style. Like the Brilliant Round, the pear shape cut glistens even in low-light.

Our Stilla hoop earrings are a gorgeous chain of pearl shape gems that will glint and scintillate through all the back-to-back holiday parties in your calendar.



You Are Radiant 🌟

The Radiant Cut, also known as the Rectangular Modified Brilliant cut. As the name suggests, this cut has all the sparkling properties of a Brilliant Round, but with a creative spin on the shape, with its flat edges, cut corners, and rounded crown. The Radiant Cut glitters even with minimal movement, making it one of the sparkliest of all the cuts. 

This style also just happens to be the gem we use for many of our best selling products, such as the Clarus ring, the Lumen Hoop Earrings, the Milia bracelet and the Milia choker. We love to stack, layer and mix-and-match these pieces for a blinding sparkling effect.


Bag a Baguette Cut 🥖

Just like the Emerald Cut, the Baguette Cut has an elegant, elongated form that is both classic and charming. The main difference between the two shapes is that the Emerald cut has a few more facets, giving it a slightly more scintillating effect than the baguette, which has larger, flatter planes and therefore reflects the light in stronger, dramatic flashes. 

The Adaya ring and the Lumen ring are a few of Objekts’ signature, best-selling styles, and are a no-miss purchase for the upcoming holiday season. These pieces are perfect for stacking and mixing-and-matching, especially with our variety of colours and styles. 


This Just In 

Our very latest of cuts is the Cushion Cut. A perfect combination of Brilliant Round and Emerald, the Cushion Cut reflects the light in a special way due to its combination of straight and rounded edges. It is an increasingly popular style, due to its soft, yet rare shape.

Our new Glacies cushion-cut ring features a large cubic zirconia stone in either champagne or white tones, set upon a paved double-halo base, and an encrusted band. An absolutely stunning, double-take piece that we recommend you wear alone to make the most of its inherent drama.


So many cuts, so hard to choose! Can’t decide which cut is best for you? We’ll make it easy for you: Get the Eternity Bundle and you can dip into the worlds of our Emerald, Radiant and Baguette-cut pieces at an exceptional price.
Eternity Bundle (3 piece) £60 (RRP £96)Eternity Bundle